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With the IPL coming to a close now, the next step out here is the ICC t20 world cup 2021. The t20 worldcup is going to be quite the extravaganza as it is happening after 5 years. The delay has only added to the excitement as the T20 game has been restricted largely to the regional leagues and tournaments.

That said, we are now looking at a fierce competition which might see a lot of great batting performances as a showcase of some of the best players in the game all in one competition. Let’s see some of the best batsmen who might become factors here in this competition.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat is one of the best batsmen in the world but that is something the whole world knows. What is more ominous about the man who has 50 as his average in the T20 game is the fact that he is back in form and was brilliant in the IPL.

It is also really important to note that this is going to be his last tournament as a captain and that will make him more motivated. If the past is anything to go by, you know that the tough situations bring out the best in him.

2. Babar Azam

The legend of Babar Azam began at the very grounds of UAE. This is almost his home ground and he knows these pitches a lot better than any other player in the tournament. He has a strike rate of close to 130 and that is ominous when it comes to what he can do with the bat at the top.

Another thing that works in his favor is the fact that he is in great form in the National T20 league and has for ages turned up performances after performances year after year in the international game.

3. Glenn Maxwell

The experience that he has received in the second half of the IPL in the UAE is going to count as priceless. We know that he is one of the people in the tournament who can take the spinners on and the spinners can really beat the opposition to submission.

This is what the Australian team is going to bank upon and nothing but the tournament winner will do for this man who is called the Big Show of world cricket.

4. Kane Williamson

The big tournaments always seem to bring out the best in Kane and Kane here is certainly able. He can really be useful on these grounds where there may be cause for showing some caution beyond just the flamboyance and swashbuckling boundaries.

He is the guy who can grind it out really and be the biggest factor between winning and losing right here. He should not be rated out only because he is a Test great. When you are thinking or searching about the Dream 11 team prediction by each expert, he will be there in most of the teams.

5. Rohit Sharma

The hitman surely has his way to shine in the big match. He is a big match player and he proved it in the 50 over the world cup with 5 centuries. Lest we forget, his experience.

This is a man who was there in the first world cup and made some great contributions as a young player then. With all the years of experience and performances now, he is one of the players who can do a lot of things right here on grounds where he is used to playing.

So, expect these five men above to set the trailblazing. Nothing is going to stop them but also expect some surprise entrants because T20 is a game that is unpredictable to any other form of cricket.

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