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Despite boxing gaining its popularity as a sport, it is increasingly becoming a workout activity for many individuals. Fitness boxing is different from the game we know, and it has numerous benefits to the individual. It does not involve taking punches from an opponent but is purely an exercising activity. You will throw punches to a bag or the air while engaging in body movements that promote fitness.

Due to the need to stay healthy, it is advisable to find a sport you like to engage in. if you understand the sport, you will know that the activity is vigorous and work out various body parts. Posture and position in nonessential for the sport. At the same time, you will get mental awareness, as boxing requires you to be conscious of the surrounding. Also, You can click here to learn more about the sport and what it entails.

4 Boxing Exercising to Help with Fitness

Boxing builds speed, strength, and fitness, thus rivaling other kinds of workouts. It does not require much space to setup a boxing gymat home. You will need the boxing gear and minimal space to set up the punching bag. Alternatively, you can setup outdoors or transform the garage into your working-out area. However,it is vital to know the routines to engage in for maximum benefits to the body. Below are four boxing exercises to help;

1. Warm-Up

The best way of warming up for fitness boxing is through rope jumping. It entails using a jumping rope to hop using both feet and switch to one foot as you progress. You can skip at least 5 minutes for each routine. Ensure you take intervals between the exercises. However, you can start with less intensity when a beginner in fitness boxing and increase the more days you undertake the activities.

Rope jumping helps with balance and coordination. Alternatively,you can use a tread mill to warm up. Both kinds of exercises will help with cardiovascular health and get yourself ready for other body workouts.

2. Plank and Crunch

Boxing requires power, and it is why professional boxers exercise to build upper muscles. It helps with throwing hard punches and knocking out opponents. However, the arm alone cannot give the desired output,and the energy for punching needs to come from the body. Although hip movement is vital in professional sports, fitness boxing canton the upper body muscles for an improved shape.

Therefore, with the backs traight and hips lifted, exercise using dumbbells. Doing plank exercises will focus on the forearm to build upper body strength. It would be best to do the crunch exercise while lying down on the floor and face up. Move the dumbbells forward from the chest while keeping the arms in a straight trajectory. The movement should be slow and steady while the shoulders alleviate from the surface. Repeat the action at least ten times. Then, you can increase the intensity the more you accustom yourself to the exercises.

3. Shadow Boxing

The exercise entails throwing punches in the air. It is best to do them in front of the mirror to monitor your movement. Throw punches while aiming at your image in the mirror. Maintain a distance to avoid hitting the mirror with the punches. Move from side to side while you aim at your face or other parts of the upper body.

Shadow boxing helps prepare you for an intense workout with the punching bag. Have the weaker foot in front for perfect balance while punching. Bend the knees and raise the hands in front of the face. Ensure you are on your toes to make yourself light for the movement. Start punching the air while moving in a semicircular direction. For the best workout, use dumbbells to exercise. Hold them and move the hands in the punching direction. Do the exercises for two to three minutes and repeat after taking one-minute breaks in between.

4. Bag Punching

The bag punching exercise is a more vigorous routine that lets you exercise several body parts. It will help strengthen the chest,arms, shoulders,back,and feet. With the boxing gloves, try different punching techniques to get the body exercising. Take 3-5 minute continuous punching sessions, then break fora minute and continue the routines.

Ensure you are moving from one direction to another as if you are dancing in front of the punching bag. You will not be effectively exercising if you stand in one position and throw punche sat the bag. The feet movement is critic alto get the full benefits of boxing for fitness. There are different types of punches you can learn to throw. A professional trainer can help with the activities. You can watch exercise videos from a professional trainer to learn a thing or more about hooks,crosses, and jabs.

The Benefits

As stated earlier in the read, fitness boxing helps with physical and mental well being. The punching helps with the upper body muscles while the bending works the lower body. When the muscles are more robust,it ensures you can undertake other everyday activities with much ease. It will be easy to move things around and carry items with minimal effort.

The exercises help with weight management by burning excess fat and calories. Bones will become stronger with the feet and body movements. Boxing exercises will significantly reduce the risks of cardiovascular complications. It improves heart health and blood circulation for better health.

On the other hand, coordination improves from frequent boxing exercises. It aids inverting ther isksof falling while taking daily activities. Lastly, mental health improves from fitness and exercise activities. Itis an effective way to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, engage in the sports you love for fitness to improve well being.


Particular conditions might prevent a person from engaging in fitness boxing. It is true for individuals with hand problems. However, they can benefit from shadow boxing since it doesn’t involve hitting an object. Ensure you go for a medical assessment before undertaking any fitness activities.The medical practitioners can help with safety and identifying the type of activities beneficial to you.

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