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Do you want to know about the use of the income tax calculator? Do you want to know about the tax savings plan? If yes, you get both types of information in this single article. According to the income tax act reports, each person has to pay a certain part of their income as tax to the government. The term person consists of the firms, salaried individuals, companies, businesses, professionals, etc. further, we are going to tell you the meaning of the income tax calculator that calculates the tax paid by such persons. Read the certain factors of the article for complete understanding.

What do you mean by the income tax calculator?

Income tax calculator online is the tax calculating tool that helps to commute the tax that comes from the person’s Income. It guides you to get the exact amount of the income tax that you are liable to pay. You only need to consist of the details such as taxpayer category, income details, exemptions, and other deductions. This calculator will easily calculate the tax you must pay based on these details.

How is the income tax calculated?

The income tax on the base amount depends on the applicable tax slabs for the current year. Here are the further steps in which the calculator calculates the income tax.

  • First, you need to add the Income from the various resources, such as Income received as the salary, long and short-term Income received, and Income received in the interest paid.
  • After calculating the Gross Income, you have to minus the education, such as health and life insurance premiums, home interest, interest on education loans, and other investments.
  • Then you also have to subtract the exemptions such as LTA and HRA based on the tax regime you chose.
  • You already paid TDS, and your income tax is calculated after considering the advanced tax.

What do you mean by the best tax savings plan?

The best tax savings plan is essential as the life insurance scheme provides much more protective coverage. However, in return for the saving plan purchases, you have to pay the premiums to the service provider based on the pre-decided intervals.

What are the benefits of the best tax savings plans?

  • The best and most long-term saving plan provides you with financial life protection.
  • It also provides you the financial growth when you invest your money in such savings plans. This saving plan will increase your wealth over time.


This article provides you with information about the income tax calculator and the best saving plans. In this, we provide you with an easy guide to calculating income tax with the help of the online income tax calculator. Also, it concluded that once you buy the best saving plan, you get a lot of benefits.

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