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Wheels of fashion have turned and many jewellery pieces are making fabulous comebacks. Amongst them all, nose pins are the most charming and prettiest jewellery that is catching the attention of women.

Be it the small ring or the little studs, women are adorning these pretty trinkets in their daily lives. If you too wish to try out this voguish jewellery, don’t hesitate and get one for yourself right away. Markets are now filled with a plethora of options to try from. No matter what colour, size, or style you want, there is a nose pin available for you. But there is a catch.

Finding the perfect nose pin/ring for yourself is not an easy task, especially if you are a newbie. Mistake in choosing the nose pin can totally impact your overall look. This is why, you need to consider various factors before finalizing your nose ring. Below, we have listed down some of these factors. Take a look!

1. Face Cut

Yes, your face cut means a lot when you are picking from the latest nose pin designs. As you know, there are various types and shapes of nose rings such as rings, studs, hoops and so on. Now, just picking any nose pin is not advised. Here are some key points you can keep in mind before buying one:

  • If you have a broad nose, go for biggerstuds. They don’t overshadow your features and complement the face. But in case your nose is narrow, go for small studs.
  • If you have round face, hoops are amazing for you. They also give you a traditional look.
  • For those who have a heart face, they can try septum rings. But choose these only when you want to have a bold look as septum rings are sure to make heads turn back to you.

2. Style and Occasion

Just knowing the type of nose ring based on your face cut is not enough. In fact, that is just the first step. Now, you have to decide how you wish to style the ring.

Every nose ring or nose pin brings a different personality to your overall look. For instance, if you want a simple look, studs and hoops are good. But if you wish to go bold and unique, septum rings or big nose rings may be your perfect partner. Decide how you want to carry your look and then buy the ring. 

Similarly, you also need to decide when are you going to wear the nose pin. If the pin is for daily wear, simple nose pins and good. For special events or parties, you can opt for gold or even diamond studs. You can also opt for naths and dazzle everyone.

3. Budget

Whether you search for nose pin designs or the latest ring designs for women, do chart out a budget beforehand. Youmay feel like buying it all but you need to understand that budget can totally impact your decision. Buying nose ring is also an investment. The higher the investment, the better the designs and the material you get.

If you have good budget, you can go for diamond or gold rings. But if you are a newbie and the budget is not great, there are always oxidised and artificial nose pins. 

To Sum Up

Unlike any other piece of jewellery, nose rings or nose pins can bring a dramatic change to your face and whole attire. Thus, make sure you consider all the factors listed above to find the perfect one for you.

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