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Diamond, like every other gemstone, must be properly cleaned and maintained to enable it to keep its sparkling quality. The use of diamonds for jewelry dates back many years, as humans have valued this rare gemstone for hundreds of years. Yet, you must clean this piece regularly to ensure that it keeps reflecting light and retains its brilliance.

Cleaning diamonds is easy when the right steps are followed. For this reason, this article will provide you with insight into how diamonds can be cleaned and maintained. If you are looking to purchase jewelry, we recommend Diamonds from Kimberfire, located in Toronto, shipping across North America. Now, let’s dive in!

How diamond can be cleaned and maintained

The use of diamonds has been steady for thousands of years, so we have learned the proper ways to maintain their sparkle. If you want your diamonds to last a lifetime, they must be cleaned and properly maintained. There are several ways of achieving this. Some of these include:

Using Cold Water

You can clean this gemstone with a small cup of solution containing household ammonia and water. This should consist of 75% water and 25% of this cleaning chemical. After your diamond jewelry is soaked for about 10 minutes, start stroking the front and back of the mounting where dirt could have accumulated. Ensure you rinse well, preferably with hot water, and dry it with the aid of a blow dryer. The use of a towel to dry is not recommended.

Applying Detergent

To clean diamonds, you can prepare a bowl of soapy water that is just lukewarm. Ensure that the liquid detergent you use is mild and contains no soap that can create another type of film on the diamond surface. The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended to clean any type of jewelry. Instead, you can simply apply a toothbrush gently and rinse it properly. You can finish the drying of the jewelry by using a hairdryer.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

This represents one of the most effective, albeit more risky options to maintain the brilliance of your diamonds. This method is used by jewelers before shipping customers’ orders but should not be done if you have diamonds with significant inclusions. This cleaner generates turbulence at a high frequency which can efficiently clean your jewelry but may also cause a risk of damage depending on your diamond.

That being said, Diamonds are generally tough enough to be cleaned through this method. If faded, this method is a good one to restore the gemstone’s brilliance. If this piece is mounted in a more fragile setting, including a pave setting, you must prevent tiny stones from falling out by not using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Avoid Rough Exposure

Even though diamond is strong enough to withstand tough exposure, it can be damaged. Of course, every substance will be damaged when exposed to extremely tough conditions. When there is a hard impact along this gemstone’s grain, it starts to chip. It is best to take off your diamond jewelry before you engage in any physical activity – including hiking, gardening, sports, among others – to prevent it from damage.

Avoid the Use of Harmful Chemicals 

When you clean your diamond jewelry, ensure that you avoid the use of harmful chemicals, including cosmetics, detergents, chlorine, hair sprays, and other chemicals that have adverse effects on this gemstone. While these chemicals will not directly damage your jewelry, they will result in the build-up of grime, thereby reducing its brilliance.

Diamonds Last a Lifetime

The use of jewelry has become a significant part of our outfits. diamond is a durable substance that serves as a good alternative for diamonds. It handles toughness exceptionally. However, to best enjoy this gemstone, it should be maintained properly. The important steps mentioned above can effectively clean this piece of jewelry. Furthermore, there are no rules that guide how often you can clean your diamond stone. You will get your money’s worth when you maintain this piece properly.

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