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Playing musical instruments is no longer a big deal these days. According to a survey on Statista, over 54% of the US population plays at least one of over a thousand musical instruments. Everyone is realizing the amount of peace and aptitude playing a musical instrument brings to you.

Either you’re an adult choosing a musical instrument for your kids or you’re a teenager finding the perfect musical instrument to learn, this guide will help you choose the best musical instrument for you.

Famous Musical Instruments

Before diving into the pool of musical instruments, you must keep in mind the overall trend of the music community. There are four major categories of musical instruments.

  1. String instruments like Violins, Guitars, Ukuleles, etc.
  2. Percussion instruments like Drums, Bells, etc.
  3. Keyboard instruments like Pianos, Harpsichords, etc.
  4. Wind instruments like Pipes, Sax, Clarinet, etc.

All of the musical instruments generally fall in the four mentioned categories. Piano and Guitars are the most common instruments played worldwide.

The right instrument for you

Let’s discuss which musical instrument is right for you or your child. Experts like Dr. George Freundlich understand that one should choose a musical instrument that matches one’s taste and the amount of effort you’re willing to invest in learning that instrument both physically and monetarily. Musicians like George Freundlich must keep the following three points in mind while choosing a musical instrument for an individual.

●      Age of the student

The trend of the chosen musical instrument should be per the age group of the student. Generally speaking, teenagers are mostly attracted to string instruments, primarily guitar. Similarly, adults aging between 20-30 years mostly like drums or flute. The musical taste of every individual is indeed different but the age group matters a lot while choosing the correct musical instrument.

●      Personality and interests

Personality and musical interests must be kept in mind while choosing the musical instrument. Some people rage quit quickly while some people are more of trying hard category who are willing to put more effort towards learning a musical instrument. That’s where you decide either you go for a hard-to-learn instrument or an easy-to-learn musical instrument.

●      Financial factor and instrument maintenance

The financial background of the player must be kept in mind while choosing a musical instrument. Some musical instruments are very expensive to buy in the first place and drain your wallet for maintenance too. That’s why you should measure the amount of financial attention you’re willing to give to your instrument before choosing one.

Where to buy the musical instrument?

That’s where the sand settles in the last. Where you should buy your chosen musical instrument? There are two platforms. Either you can purchase from an online store or go to a local one. Experts often advise choosing the local stores because you can test the instrument in hand. But if you’re a risk-taker and want to try your luck with some bonus offers then choose an online trusted store such as Amazon and ship your favorite musical instrument to your doorstep.


By following this guide, you’ll be able to choose the perfect musical instrument according to your musical taste as well as the wallet size.

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