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Most youngsters enjoy playing with Lego sets. Yet there’s so much more to Legos than just been exciting and engaging toys for them. If you think about it, Lego toys in Dubai offer so many benefits to kids. Some of these include:

1. Improve concentration

Mastering how to focus for long periods even while engaging in fun activities can be challenging for kids. That is because it leaves them frustrated and pressured since it ends up feeling like a chore. However, playing Lego provides an opportunity for them to learn how to focus on a single task for an extended period and see immediate results. That creates a positive association in their minds between success and focus.

2. Develop fine motor skills

Another benefit of Lego toys is they improve fine motor skills development in young ones and adults. By connecting the tiny pieces, that helps them to be in control. The games have also helped players recover from stroke and other serious issues.

In this post, we discuss three of the best Lego Friends toys to consider in July 2021.

1. Lego Friends Emma’s Fashion Shop

If your young one has a passion for fashion and loves playing dress-up, the above toy will do it for them. It features a playset of houses that act as fashion stores where young ones can dress up mini-dolls and try out new and cool styles on them. They also mix and match outfits in the rotating changing room and view the final look with the reflective mirror.

The set also comes with a sofa area where the kids can enjoy a cup of coffee as they think about their clothing creations. Additionally, two of them can play simultaneously. The game offers your kid an exciting and build-and-play experience where they get to have fun and work on their creative side.

2. Lego Friends Jungle Rescue Base

For kids who are intrigued by wildlife, the above game is perfect! From helping rescued animals in the clinics, scanning the forest on a drone, and so on, your young one will enjoy playing with this jungle treehouse set. It has a broad appeal that encourages creative play during an animal rescue.

Additionally, you get to learn about your young one’s scary and caring side with how they handle the whole gaming experience and fosters teamwork. As a plus, you can download the Lego instructions app to build their view digitally.

3. Lego Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission

The Lego Friends Dolphins Rescue Mission allows your young builder get to enjoy a race in a bid to rescue a trapped dolphin. As well as seek the hidden treasure with Lego Friends in a rescue mission. The playset allows them to act as an underwater rescue mission, but who will find the map first?

The play helps to keep youngsters entertained as they decide who gets to win the Lego treasure hunt. It also engages their mind in hours of creativity and encourages teamwork.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your youngster, Lego Friends is always the best idea. With varieties of involving, fun, and exciting game sets to choose from, the kid is definitely in for a treat.

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