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The birth of a child is a long-awaited event that always affects the whole family. But to join the family, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions and comfort. The absolute basis is a quality stroller, which will help you transport your baby from one place to another without bothering. In addition, a well-chosen model will help the correct modeling of the spine, which will have a positive effect on his future health.

The core of the current offer consists of sports and combined strollers, which are further divided into double combinations and triple combinations, which can also be used as a car seat. To a much lesser extent, today you will find deep strollers, which are only for children under six months. It is worth investing in a combined version, which the child can use as long as he needs a stroller. After choosing the optimal model, continue to focus on the design of the wheels and suspension, the weight and load capacity of the trolley. Don’t forget the compactness, safety, and options for adjusting the backrest, handles, and other elements of the stroller.

As the stroller is one of the basic equipment of the youngest members of the family, you will certainly pay proper attention to its purchase. And you do very well, because a poor quality model will be difficult to control, will be unnecessarily difficult, or, in the worst case, will lead to the deformation of the spine of a growing child. Are you afraid that you will make the wrong choice? Read carefully our article How to choose a stroller and you will choose with qualified help.

How to choose a stroller

The stroller is an essential piece of equipment for every small child. Some strollers are suitable for newborns, others will suit slightly older children. What to focus on a stroller? What should be its load capacity, how important is the weight and what is the triple combination? We have prepared and written all this and other information for you, along with reviews of strollers. Trolley reviews can be found on separate pages.

What should we focus on when making our choice?

First of all, it is necessary to consider some individual needs and based on them choose the best stroller suitable for you. So answer these questions before you choose:

  • What terrain will you go with the cart? (Choose the wheels accordingly.)
  • How often will the child go by car / public transport? (Consider car seat models, focus on storage and trolley weight.)
  • Will you go for longer walks/shopping with your cart? How many things do you need with you? (Some strollers have, in addition to the shopping cart, a bag that attaches to the handle.)

Types of trolleys

When choosing a stroller, it is first important to think about the proper development of the child and also how long the stroller will be usable. The trolleys can be divided into four basic types:

  • Sports cart
  • Trolleys 2 in 1 and 3 in 1
  • landau
  • Stroller for brothers

Newborns should have a pram with a horizontal bottom, which is important for the proper development of the spine. You can walk the child who is already in the ass in a sports stroller. Some sports strollers have a seat that can be folded in a horizontal position and are theoretically usable from birth, but it is up to your discretion whether such a solution is optimal for your baby. A baby born in the winter should definitely have a deep pram available for the first months of life. For the summer months, you can also consider using a folding sports stroller.

Sports cart

The sports stroller is suitable for children from six months to three to four years. It is usually possible to position both the backrest and the footrest for the greatest comfort and safety of the child. Some are more suitable for the city, others withstand even worse terrain, depending mainly on wheels and suspensions. The child uses the stroller more than the pram. Therefore, it is a good idea to be especially careful when choosing it, so that its use is no longer a pain. One of the key selection criteria is weight, it is also good to focus on the load capacity. Some children reach 15 kg much earlier than the age of three, it can be assumed that even a heavier child can be carried by the stroller,

Trolleys 2 in 1 and 3 in 1

The combined stroller is suitable for children from birth to kindergarten. It consists of a chassis, over which you can attach the pram, the sports stroller, and often the car seat. Based on the number of these components we are talking about the 2 in 1 combination of the pram and sports stroller, or 3 in 1 of the pram, sports, and car seat. The pram and car seat can also be used to transport the child. This eliminates the problems with waking him up and transferring him.

Of the three basic types of strollers, this is the universal and longest used. Its variability adapts to the child as he grows and gains weight. Usually, buying a combined stroller is cheaper than buying two strollers and possibly a car seat. However, pay attention to the size of the pram, it is usually not the largest and the baby grows so fast. The disadvantage of combined trolleys can also be the higher weight.


The classic pram for rocking chassis is the best choice for the newborn. Usually, the child reaches up to six to eight months, when he is already too big for the pram or starts to sit alone in the ass or starts to move in it. It is not possible to take into account a longer period of use, on the other hand, the landings can be sold very advantageously.

Stroller for brothers

In the stroller, you can carry two children at the same time, one next to the other or one behind the other. Such a stroller is suitable for twins or for older and younger children. The advantage is that one person can go out with two children. Handling the trolley is not the easiest, especially in public transport. Logically, it is not one of the easiest and cheapest options.

Wheels, suspension

For a comfortable walk, it is always better to be with springs. This will avoid unpleasant noises and uneven jumps. Usually with higher suspensions are the landings, in the combined and sports ones the suspension is lower. Unlike deep strollers, you will have to give up “rocking” to some extent.

As for the bikes, in their case, it mainly depends on the conditions in which you will travel. You can use plastic wheels for asphalt and sidewalks in the city. For nature, parks, and worse terrain, we recommend larger diameter inflatable or off-road wheels. The disadvantage of inflatable wheels is the risk of punctures. Compared to plastic wheels, however, they are more comfortable and durable. A more subtle replacement for inflatable wheels is the gel wheels, which also ensure an easy ride, but there is no risk of them being punctured.

For easier handling of the trolley, the front swivel wheels are more advantageous, they usually also have the possibility of locking. You can use this, for example, when you walk faster or run when your stroller will hold the straight line better.

If you travel often by car, you will need quick-release wheels that make it easier to store the stroller chassis in the trunk of the car. They will also be handy if you have little space to store a stroller at home.

The weight

You can feel how much the stroller weighs, especially when you climb it on stairs or on the bus. If you know that you will not avoid carrying the cart often, make sure you choose the ones with the lowest possible weight. When you carry it to the third floor you will appreciate any kilogram less. Usually, you need to add the weight of the baby to the weight of the stroller. The normal weight of a stroller is about 10-13 kg. For example, in sports strollers it is possible to find models lighter than 8 kg or, on the contrary, to meet strollers weighing up to 15 kg. For some, heavyweight is not a problem, but it is usually better to buy a lighter stroller, just in case.

Load capacity

For deep strollers for newborns, there is no need to pay special attention to the maximum load capacity. This follows when you are looking for a combined or sports stroller. A load capacity of up to 15 kg is common, some models can withstand 20 kg or more. In general, strollers are suitable for children under three or four years old. It is always better to buy a larger load capacity than a smaller one, the growth of a child can not be estimated exactly in advance.


You can’t avoid folding a stroller, especially when using the car, a folded stroller takes up even less space at home. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at the dimensions of the extended and folded stroller and compare them with your options, for example in terms of trunk space. Today, most strollers can be folded very easily, often with one hand. The advantage is also the safety against accidental folding or unfolding of the trolley. The sports strollers fold either directly with the seat or the seat can be removed and used to transport the child.

The car seat

Another factor is related to transport in a car, namely the car seat. Of course, it is possible to buy both products, the stroller, and the car seat separately. But if you go shopping, for example, you will definitely appreciate the possibility of attaching the car seat directly to the stroller chassis and not waking the sleeping child bypassing him in the basket and in the back. You can find the car seat for 3 in 1 stroller, for the 2 in 1, there is the possibility to buy an adapter for the right car seat as well. This is possible with some sports strollers.


The stroller is not exactly a small investment and you carry in it the most valuable thing you have. Trying to ensure the highest possible safety for your child and the stroller itself should be a matter of course. Not only items that are common with strollers today, such as a brake or seat belt, but also aids that you can purchase, such as a lock or GPS locator, will help you do just that.


On all high-quality trolleys, the wheels have standard brakes. Nowadays, with the rear brakes, you can choose between the increasingly popular swing brake or the classic brake. Both are controlled by the foot, but in the case of the swing brake, it is braked and released with the sole of the shoe, while in the classic brake you have to unlock it with the toe of the shoe and it can be unnecessarily damaged.

We recommend that you break the stroller whenever you park, also when changing the pram/stroller. In the case of sports strollers, it is not excluded to consider the parking brake on the handle of the stroller, which allows you to react quickly, which is always an advantage for slightly older children. You will use it to slow down the most in sports, either when running, or when you go rollerblading. It will also be useful for a classic walk when descending a slope if you have a slightly heavier stroller.

It is also important that the brake is out of reach of the child and can only be applied by the parent, but fortunately, the manufacturers usually remember this.


Another safety measure that should not be missing in sports strollers is a five-point seat belt, thanks to which the child will not fall out of the stroller. This should be standard on any sports stroller. It is often complemented by a removable safety handle. The advantage of this handle is a washable cover, the child will get it dirty very easily. Pay attention to the filling of the handle, it should be sufficiently resistant to bites, for example. It is a good idea to check the brakes and belts of the stroller before each trip.


Few leave their bike uninsured, so why leave your stroller uninsured? The wheelchair lock does not differ much from the bicycle lock, it only needs to have a long enough cable. More popular are the numeric lock options, for which you don’t have to look for keys. The padlock will be handy in front of a store, in the park, or, for example, when storing a stroller in common areas. Especially when storing the stroller for a longer period of time, it is also a good idea to invest in anchoring the floor or wall.


You can provide the relatively cheap stroller with a GPS locator, there are also bracelets with a locator, which you can put directly on the child. No one wants to imagine a situation in which a stroller with a child is lost, but in such moments a GPS locator can be an invaluable asset.


If you want to be sure about the safety of the stroller, focus on the safety standards that a quality stroller would meet. Hazardous substances, such as potentially carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or phthalates, which cause a wide range of health problems and make children more susceptible to them, are a common problem in safety tests for prams (as well as car seats).


When choosing a stroller, it is not out of place to focus on equipment and model variability. These issues are not a priority, but they can make your life a lot easier and make trips with a new stroller more enjoyable.

Swivel chair

Among parents, a swivel chair or a switch handle are popular among strollers. This allows the child to stand both in the direction and against the direction of travel. Placing against the direction of travel has two advantages, firstly, direct eye contact with the child and, secondly, in case of worse weather, the child is not so exposed to the cold wind. On the direction of travel, on the other hand, older children like to sit and want to look around more. The vast majority of strollers have a view large enough in the stroller to check the child. It is protected from the wind by the roof, for example in combination with a foot cover.

Foot cover

A warm cover that attaches to the stroller and protects the child from the cold and bad weather. It is used both on the pram and on the sports stroller. For some strollers, it is not in the standard equipment, if you are interested it can be bought separately, or it can be replaced with a warm trolley bag.

Adjustable backrest

For the best sports strollers, the backrest is always adjustable, most of them can also be adjusted for the footrest. Thanks to this you can leave the backrest on if the child wants to sleep. Some prams have adjustable headrests.

Adjustable handle

This is especially beneficial for parents. It is especially suitable if several tall people take care of the stroller, the height of a handle may not be 100% comfortable for everyone.

Shopping cart and trolley bag

The shopping cart at the bottom of the stroller is now found on virtually all models. Some also have a bag that can be attached to the handle. In addition, the bag is always convenient, it is necessary to always have your baby’s changing diapers with you, and thus it is possible to have the bag aligned and compatible with the stroller.


For the comfort of the child, especially on hot summer days, it is good if the stroller roof is equipped with a ventilation hole. In addition, some models also have ventilation at the bottom of the basket.

Other accessories

Other accessories may appear in the equipment of the trolley. These are most often raincoats for strollers, some even have a mosquito net. At the sports carts, you can find trays and drink holders. Depending on your needs and preferences, it depends on what accessories you are looking for. Everything can be bought, but as in the case of the bag, it’s nice to buy everything at once.

User experiences

If despite all our advice, you are unsure about choosing a specific stroller, the opinions and reviews of the stroller users can help you directly.

Videos, also available for free on Youtube, for example, are also a useful tool for selection. There you will find not only use video reviews, but also various instructions on how to fold or maintain the stroller, or even practical examples of how the stroller works, etc.


In order for a stroller to serve you well for several years, you need to follow some basic rules for its maintenance.


The wheels must be lubricated regularly to maintain their service life. Silicone or Teflon lubricants are good for this, avoid oil or Vaseline products that stick to dirt. The inflatable wheels should not inflate too much, the recommended value is 0.6 bar for the front wheels and 0.8 bar for the rear wheels. Of course, regular cleaning of stone wheels and other dirt is mandatory.


Like trolley wheels, other moving parts of the structure need to be lubricated from time to time to prevent creaking and jamming. It is also necessary to check and tighten the screws. The whole trolley must then be stored in a dry place and on its return from the outside, it is necessary to clean or dry it.

Textile parts

The covers, bags, and other fabric parts of the stroller can usually be washed in the washing machine or cleaned with a damp cloth, you can impregnate the leather parts with a suitable product (but keep in mind that, for example, the safety handle is very often nibbled of children). It is ideal to use products with which you wash children’s clothes, ie hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and without bleach.

Walks with several children

Every parent with several children knows how difficult it can be to ride a stroller and get older children. Therefore, we have some tips for practical stroller accessories to help you better organize your walks with more children.

Step on the stroller – the so-called skate is placed on the side with the handle of the stroller and so the older child can stand.

Eye to hold – It is attached to the stroller and the child can hold on to it, so that the parent’s hands remain free to handle the stroller.

Motorcycle/tricycle without pedals – This is probably the most common solution when riding with a stroller and an older child, but it also has its disadvantages. Due to the fact that the tricycle is not somehow caught by the stroller, the child can run away from the parent. Sometimes children get bored of them quickly and so the parent takes care of both the children and the tricycles.more info to visit :

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