Painting Your Home

Painting your home is a time-consuming process which oftentimes costs you an arm or leg. However, it is important that you take your time and carefully select the paint you want to use for your home as it will affect the mood of your space.

Several factors affect the cost of painting a home. Your location, paint brand, labour, weather and many other factors decide the final cost you will incur to do up your space. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand painting costs better.

Interior painting vs exterior painting

Did you know that the painting cost is drastically different when you are painting your interior and exterior walls? Interior wall painting costs more as compared to exterior walls. However, you must keep in mind that painting your home exterior is a cumbersome task and it is advisable to hire professional help to do up your home exterior.

Typically, if you use a paint calculator, you will realise that it might cost you around Rs 20 per sq ft and Rs 200 per sq ft to paint your interior walls and Rs 10 per sq ft and Rs 40 per sq ft to paint your home exterior.

Fresh paint vs Repaint 

Your painting cost also depends on whether you are repainting your old walls or painting them for the first time. A fresh coat may require 1-2 coats of putty and primer and 2-3 coats of fresh paint.

Whereas if you are repainting your home then you can make do with a single coat of primer and 1-2 coats of paint. This means that you will save a lot of paint and labour costs if you repaint your home.

We recommend you evaluate your home and go for repainting if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a lot on revamping your place.

Paint Type 

Your painting cost also depends on the paint type that you choose. If you want to cut down your painting cost, then you can go for water-soluble distemper paints. Remember that though these paints are cheap, they are less durable and have a strong odour.

Emulsion paints and enamel paints are standard quality paints which fall in the middle pricing range. These paints are durable, high quality and washable.

If you don’t mind splurging on your wall paints, then you must consider going for textured wall paints. These paints are expensive and applying them requires a special base preparation and professional equipment, making them a costly affair.

Labour Cost 

Did you know that the labour cost differs from city to city? For example, the labour cost in a metropolitan city would be higher than that in a small town. Similarly, a luxurious neighbourhood will have a higher labour cost than a regular neighbourhood.

Labour cost also depends on the skill set level of the painters. If you hire professional painters who have years of experience, then their labour cost would be high, however in the long run you would be saving a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on touching up.

Putty & Primer

You will also incur an additional cost which includes the cost of putty and primer you will need during painting a home. Make sure that you use high-quality putty and primer for your interior walls as these materials will help you achieve a smooth and even base on which you can use the paint of your choice.

Remember to never compromise on the paint quality and always go for branded paint which will stand the test of time. It is also advisable that you paint during summer, spring or autumn and not the monsoon as this will help the paint dry faster and stick well, which in turn will increase its shelf life.

You can now get an accurate painting cost for your new home using the quick paint calculator and advanced paint calculator by Asian Paints. These paint calculators help you get a proper estimate of how much money you will require to create your dream home.

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