Paint in Home Decor

We all know that you can amp up your living space with a splash of paint, but not many of us realise the untapped potential of this versatile medium. You can use paint to not only adorn your walls but also to zhuzh up your wooden surfaces, metal furniture, floors, etc.

Have some leftover paint lying around from your last home painting project? We are sharing with you five unconventional ways in which you can make use of paint to breathe life into your dull living space.

1. Paint Your Furniture

Wood painting is now picking up steam and we are excited about it. Feel like your furniture pieces are dimming the vibe of your place. There is no time like the present to consider wood coating your furniture with a gorgeous finish that will make them look as new as ever. Don’t shy away from going for vibrant hues when you are wood coating your furniture. A pastel pink side table in your bedroom or a vibrant teal bookshelf in your study room will serve as the perfect focal point in both rooms.

2. Decorate Your Floor

Buy some floor paint and decorate your floors in a way that will elevate your home’s aesthetics. You can go for stripes, checkerboard designs or any other simple design of your choice. Keep in mind that if you use dark hues for your floors, it will shrink your place and make it appear cosy and intimate. On the other hand, if you use bright colours for your floors, it will make the room appear airy and bright.

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3. Paint the Ceilings

Don’t forget the fifth wall of your room. Now, decorate your ceiling with eye-popping colours to add drama to your place. Note that painting your ceiling is a great way to add depth and dimension to your otherwise flat living space. You can consider buying a rich matte finish paint in gorgeous hues like midnight blue, sage green, hunter green, dark purple, etc. for your ceiling.

4. Don’t Forget Your Doors

Want to boost your curb appeal like never before? Paint your door in sunshine yellow, cherry red or any other vibrant hue and watch the magic unfold. Your door is one of the first elements of your home exterior that your guests will glance at, so make sure that you give them something worth watching.

Some bright and bold colours that you can consider using for your main door include turquoise, hot pink, coral, teal, sunshine yellow, etc. You can also consider integrating whimsical patterns into your doors to further accentuate your home’s aesthetics.

5. Paint Away Your Stairways

You can now turn your staircase into a modern masterpiece by painting it in bright hues and patterns. From the rainbow effect to the hopscotch pattern, you can choose whichever pattern tickles your fancy. Remember to keep in mind the overall theme of your home while choosing a pattern for your stairs to ensure that they match with the rest of the home decor.

The Final Verdict

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