Horse Needs a Waterproof Blanket

Your horse requires a waterproof blanket for many reasons. This protective clothing shields them from weather changes, keeping them warm and dry on rainy, cold days or recovering from surgery.This article will explore the benefits of a horse waterproof blanket and why it is necessary for every horse owner.

Versatility: Many people associate waterproof blankets with rainy weather. However, these blankets are versatile and protect your horse from other climatic conditions. For instance, a horse waterproof blanket can help combat the chill, ward off moisture, and prevent snow from accumulating on their coats during snowy and windy conditions. The blanket is also excellent protection during the hot summer when the sun can damage your horse’s skin and coat.

Wind resistance: Many saddles for horses also offer wind-resistant properties. This is particularly important during windy and stormy weather, as the blanket acts as a barrier against the cold wind, preventing the horse from losing body heat.

Reduced risk of skin issues: Constant exposure to wet conditions can lead to skin issues like rain rot and fungal infections. A waterproof blanket helps create a protective barrier that reduces the likelihood of these problems.

Minimizes stress: Horses that are exposed to rain and wet conditions for extended periods can become stressed and uncomfortable. A weatherbeaten elite saddle pad helps reduce the pressure from damp and cold.

Provides comfort: Injuries, illnesses, and surgery can make horses uncomfortable and anxious. A horse waterproof blanket helps to cushion the horse’s body, providing them with the comfort they need to heal and recover. The blanket’s cushioning properties help protect the horse from further injuries during the healing process. It gives your horse the necessary support, leading to a faster recovery.

Preservation of coat and hair: Wet coats and hair can become matted and damaged, leading to extra grooming efforts. A waterproof blanket helps keep the horse’s skin and hair in better condition.

Extended outdoor time: Horses can spend more time outdoors with a waterproof blanket, even in inclement weather. This is important for their physical and mental well-being, as outdoor time is crucial for exercise and natural behaviours.

Protects your horse from weather changes: Investing in a waterproof blanket ensures that your horse stays warm and dry in different weather conditions. The blanket helps to keep your horse comfortable, thus reducing the risk of illnesses caused by fluctuating temperatures. When the temperature drops, it is essential to equip your horse with a waterproof blanket. It protects against harsh winds, heavy downpours, and snow, maintaining your horse’s body temperature and keeping them healthy.

Various styles and features: Waterproof blankets come in multiple types, including turnout blankets with different insulation levels. Some blankets also have additional features, such as reflective strips for visibility in low-light conditions.


Investing in a horse waterproof blanket is necessary for every horse owner. As we have discussed, a horse waterproof blanket helps protect your horse against weather changes, provides comfort, and is easy to clean. Moreover, it saves you money and prevents coat damage. With all these mentioned benefits, you can never go wrong with purchasing a horse waterproof blanket. Your horse deserves all the comfort and protection they need, and you can get exactly that with a waterproof covering.

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