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If had God added, “Let there be morals” alongside light, waters, air, land, and life, there would have been no term as black hat. But there he forgot in all the hurry and here we started the chaos. We all know how people grow among us and start scamming and seeping vitality from our lives. To exploit is in our nature, but trying not to is too. When things come around SEO and link-building, this cheat gets called as black hat or Spamdexing. And do those companies offering Best Link Building packages practice this too?

What is black hat in SEO and link building?

The term black hat is not novel. Its origin dates back to some 1950s around western movies. Back then the good guys in the movies were called white hats, and bad the black hats. This trend got brought down in the computer world too. The hackers and manipulators got called as black hats. They are the terribilities of this digital world.

This term now gets used in SEO too. We are a greedy specie with a mind that can think. We try to gain larger pieces of land in a shorter amount of time with minimal effort. Google is a machinery made of codes and algorithms and rarely can give an individual judgment about a website. Thus it uses a certain set of algorithms to decide whether a website is genuine or not. These judgments come correct most of the time. However, people still try to trick it using its loopholes. These tricks and tactics get called black hat or spamdexing. But what actually are they?

Types of black hat tactics:

If you ask us, there is not one. These tactics keep on changing as Google evolves. However, In this sort of fight amid Google and black hats, Google always wins. Using Black hat tactics is a sort of gambling, but here people always lose in long term. Back when this search engine was new, it had a lot of loopholes that people were exploiting to get higher ranks. This was degrading the quality of overall user experience. People still use these black hat methods to manipulate the algorithms. One who is not able to afford the best Link Building packages or work hard enough by self will almost always try to use these foul methods. Here is a list of few of these methods,

  • Keyword Stuffing: It is when you try to stuff your website with targeted keywords in a dream that the search engine will prefer you over others. But this dream becomes nightmare soon. Google’s Panda update came in the picture back in the 2011. It targeted those over-optimizing the content.
  • Hidden Keywords: “Oh! So Google focuses on keywords. I’d rather use keywords and give them the same color as the background. I am smart.” Well, people were actually doing this to create an illusion of a clean page and yet staying relevant to the SEO.
  • Cloaking: It is like showing something at the door and serving something inside. People show something else to Google than they do to the people.
  • Link Building: Back in the days when linking was thought prime, people were focusing on linking their websites to anything. Cheap links were getting sold in big amounts. But all this changed with the Penguin update that focused on targeting irrelevant links. Now people either go for those best Link Building Packages, or they give their efforts by self.

Impact of spamdexing on SEO!

The picture is fairly simple — Search Engines want to make this digital world a wonderful experience and thus it try everything to stop those trying it. These search engines are like the lord of this internet, and they give their rules to walk through this. As is said, spamdexing is like gambling with the only difference that people always lose in the long term. There are few things that Google does to those trying to manipulate:

  • It penalizes the website using black hat tactics.
  • It bans the website from getting indexed by the search engine.

These penalties come either automatically or manually through a team of spam checkers.

But sometimes things happen out of our knowledge. There are SEO companies out there that try to trick people with soothing dreams. They offer SEO and Link Building services at cheap prices. One must know that they rarely do benefit your website. Here is what these cheap agencies usually do:

  • They offer you many thousand visitors. But know that those visitors are nothing but bots.
  • They offer many links at cheap prices. All they do is to link your website to some lower quality spammy websites. When this gets into the digital eyes of Google, things go wrong.
  • They promise you number one ranking. However it never happens.

When choosing an SEO agency, it is advised to check cautiously. Nothing comes cheaper that earns you millions. Go for the best Link Building packages that serve you high quality PA and DA links. It might cost you some, but it will earn you much more.

How to avoid black hats?

If you are going to Buy now some packages, search about how to choose SEO packages that are affordable and perfect. It will save you from future troubles. If you yourself are planning to guide your website through these tough waters then make sure you follow the SEO guidelines.

Never use black hat methods for some quick uprise. Those who rise quick gets Google’s attention much. It might please you for some time, but then soon you would be buying some whiskey to drink down your sorrows.

Google has strongly declared that it now focuses on providing quality user experience and it will thus work on the same. Deep Learning and A.I. will soon reduce these possibilities of exploitation to almost zero.

On the moral side, it would at last be us using this internet. Never do try to stuff it with redundant sentences. If you provide value to the readers, they soon will start trusting you; Google soon will start trusting you. Its EAT principle is a mere hint to what are its plans. Try to align your content much with EAT, i.e., Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

If you have faced negative SEO, then you can request Google to reconsider its judgement about your website. Negative SEO is when someone tries to spoil your image by outbounding to you through some spammy website. This gets done for the sake of competition. It hurts, but you can heal it too.

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