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The construction industry is among the sectors that are growing every day. Thousands of people earn their living through them, directly or indirectly. However, the more popular it grows, the higher the skilled and unskilled labor demand.

Employment in construction sites is the primary source of livelihood for many people today. Therefore, you need to be above other jobseekers by doing what they don’t do.

You must undergo some related health and safety awareness courses. This guide will teach you which courses you should take to be competent.

1.  CSCS Green Card Test

Employees in construction sites should have a green card. Fortunately, the CSCS green card test is 100% purely online. You are allowed to start and finish at your own convenience. CSCS green card test certifications are fast; test results are ready within the same day. In case you fail the test, a resit is free.

Course Contents

This course stresses safe working at higher heights on a construction site. It also enlightens on secure manual handling. This course will also equip employees with safety measures while working around on-site hazardous substances.

Requirements for this course

All you need to undergo this test is a steady internet connection and a laptop or a mobile phone. You can complete this course anywhere, at home, school, library, or any other place of your convenience. This test has a pass mark of 36/45.

2.  CITB Courses

CITB online courses are purely based on the construction industry. These courses can either be taken in designated training centers or online. Below are some of these CITB courses;

CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training

This training is also purely online. It is best for employees just starting in the construction industry. The online training takes approximately 4 hours. However, the online interface allows you to save your progress and pick up where you left off at your convenience.

Once you finish the course, you’ll receive an exam via email upon request. You will receive your score report via email at the end of the exam. Your certificate will be emailed within 48 hours if you pass the exam. However, if you fail, you must pay for another exam.

It is important to note that you cannot apply for a CSCS laborer card without a CITB Health and Safety Awareness certificate. Also, mobile handsets do not support CITB ecourse login.

CITB Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme Course

CITB SSSTS is a two-day health and safety course designed for supervisors and those about to take up those responsibilities. You will receive a certificate valid for five years upon successful completion.

CITB Site Management and Safety Training Scheme

SMSTS is also a five-day course designed for managers responsible for planning, controlling, and monitoring operatives in a construction site. The site manager is thus able to monitor site activities effectively.

Wrap up

You need extra skills above your competitors to secure a job in any field. If you’re working on construction sites, taking these courses could help you have an advantage over your competitors. They not only help you to secure your job but also to carry out your tasks efficiently.

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