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Scooters have emerged as convenient means of transportation and family-friendly vehicles, offering a blend of practicality and comfort. In the realm of family scooters, selecting a suitable model is paramount.

Catering to riders of all ages, the following list presents the top 5 family scooters, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for you and your parents.

Honda Activa 6G:

Power: 7.79 PS

Renowned for its reliability, the Honda Activa 6G features a robust 109.51cc fuel-injected engine, delivering 8.79Nm and 7.79PS. This scooter is practically generation-proof with an ACG starter motor for silent starts. Noteworthy upgrades include an external fuel filler cap and an LED headlamp, enhancing its reputation as a dependable and enduring family scooter.

TVS Jupiter:

Power: 7.88 PS

The TVS Jupiter BS6 offers more features than the Activa, making it an excellent choice for family rides. It combines practicality with style with a USB charger, tinted visor, and LED headlamps on the base model. Its 109.7cc fuel-injected engine produces 8.4Nm and 7.47PS, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Jupiter BS6 is known for its stylish design and exceptional handling.

Suzuki Access 125:

Power: 7.6 PS

The Suzuki Access 125 BS6 offers affordability coupled with a powerful 125cc engine. Redesigned bodywork, LED headlamps, and an external fuel filler cap enhance its appeal. Despite lacking features, the Access 125 stands out with its torquey motor, excellent fit and finish, and reliable performance. The fuel-injected 124cc engine delivers 10Nm and 8.7PS.

Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi:

Power: 8.2 PS

Yamaha’s Fascino 125 Fi boasts a larger 125cc fuel-injected engine, enhancing performance and fuel economy. With a starter generator akin to the Honda Activa 6G, it produces 8.2 PS and 9.7 Nm. Sporting a giant 12-inch wheel, front disc brake, and improved ergonomic frame, the Fascino 125 Fi is a cost-effective choice for those seeking a retro scooter.

Hero Pleasure Plus:

Power: 8.1 PS

The Hero Pleasure Plus BS6, replacing the 100cc Pleasure, features a larger 110cc motor and a revamped design. It offers both style and functionality with a retro aesthetic, a split-analogue instrument console, a boot light, a side stand indicator, and a USB charger on the front apron. The new fuel-injected engine delivers 8.11 horsepower and 8.7 Nm, improving speed and fuel efficiency.

While selecting a family scooter is crucial for a comfortable and safe ride, it’s equally important to consider the longevity and protection of your two-wheeled companion. Scooty insurance ensures a worry-free and secure journey for you and your loved ones. As you explore the top scooter models, take a moment to prioritize renewing your two-wheeler insurance. Utilize tools such as the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to make informed decisions about comprehensive insurance coverage.*

In family scooters, the importance of comprehensive insurance cannot be overstated. It acts as a shield, allowing you to focus on the joy of riding without worrying about potential risks. So, as you embark on family adventures on your scooter, renew your commitment to safety by continuing your scooty insurance.*

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