Trend of clothing wear is changed day by day but in traditional wear or you may say our national dress code women is saree. You see many people wear saree at parties like weddings, get-togethers, housewarmings, birthdays, etc. Even a trend has changed but today every woman loves to wear a saree in a formal dress code. Many types of sarees are available in the market like chiffon, cotton, silk, chikankari, banarasi, etc. original banarasi saree are ethnic wear and in ancient times queens wear these types of saree. No doubt it is a little more costly than cotton saree and these types of saree have come in high range. To buy an original saree having some tips:

  • Must check the weaving of saree: it means whenever you are going to buy, you must know about what type of weaving should be on saree that it must be hand weave and you also know about how much inches of the border should be weaved and how much weaving on pallu. You also know about which type of zari work or silver work on it.
  • Must know about fabric: you also know about fabric, these fabrics are very elegant and also give rich look, and are very smooth. Whenever you going to buy must check the fabric by touching it. because nowadays many types of duplicate types in this fabric and sometimes a salesman sells you a duplicate by saying originally. First, check the fabric then goes to select if you proper range availability in sarees.
  • Try to buy from Varanasi: if you are planning to buy a saree if you have approachable to go to Varanasi, I suggest you go and buy from that place because you find a wide range at a nominal price. There is a wide collection you may see in various shops and you may bargain also and in this way you buy original in your budget because you have a choice of a shop if you don’t find one shop you may go to another one also.
  • Renowned store: if you are not approachable to go to its origin place you may buy from a renowned store in your city. Because every store owner doesn’t matter a maximum sale but he/she aware of their goodwill in the market and for their name and fame they sale original banarasi saree. You may freely buy from the store.
  • Must know about originality: you must know about originality. This type of saree is hand woven and you may see from its back that the weaving area in front of smooth and from the back is weaved with thread in this way you know about its originality.
  • Lightweight: now again a trend has come for banarasi saree. Everyone at least keeps one saree in the dowry also. Now in stores, the top banarasi saree is available. this is hand woven saree and a zari or silver work also on very light fabric. It is your own choice to go in what range.
  • Wide range on online also: no doubt wide collection online also, because many brands deal online also. If you don’t have the knowledge you may check a page and check what type of saree is on trend also, check the range and you may go to the store and demand that saree and check the range if are same then your choice because every brand maintains its reputation, so no chance of a duplicate.
  • Must check reverse side: if you doubt its originality you may check its reverse side because a hand-crafted fabric has a lot of threads hanging on the backside. In this way, you may check its originality. Because a machine made never left thread on the backside.
  • Pattern on sari: these are authentic styles and always give a ritual and traditional and royal looks. Because a pattern on the saree relates to the Mughal pattern and the pattern is like a mixed media painting you have seen. In this way, you judge the perfect and original fabric of this authentic wear.
  • Choose color: in ancient times only sharpen colors and limited variety in colors but nowadays due to taste of consumers a wide range in variety, so it is easy to make choice and go with your favorite color now a pastel color with the usage of bright thread in weaving in this way saree looks attractive.
  • New range: now many new ranges with different styles and many types of dresses come. Because every ladylove to wear a different unique costume and everyone wants to look elegant and different at the party, so keep in mind of the consumer demand a karigar weave that type of range.
  • Best chance to buy in the sale: this saree is in the high range so not everyone can afford to buy it. For that people have a great chance to buy in the sale. Because every salesman wants their maximum sale for this at the end of the year make a sale on a specific item and if you get your favorable saree at a favorable price never miss a chance to buy on the spot.
  • Trend of the exhibition: now in big cities many exhibitions on wearing in which only wedding and heavy range fabrics and costumes available which are very different and never seen before on the market you may also select or order if you have perfect knowledge and having best knowledge of the particular brand.

Even culture is changed but our Indians and even foreigners also love to wear our authentic culture. Our young generation loves to wear these costumes but wants a little change like a stylish blouse or like to wear different styles to wrap or carry. Now new fancy banarasi saree is available in the market as well as online because many good reputed brands deal online with a certificate also because a silver work on it is pure. The certificate will get if you insist on them. To carry saree a presence of a person looks very elegant. Must check the saree again and again before buying about its fabric, weaving, pattern, etc. or its also range sometimes that saree you may get at a very low price must check if is it duplicate or original.

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