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I absolutely love soup season. When the weather starts to get even a little brisk, I start making soup. It used to continue that way through springtime. Now that I’m aware of how to do it right, I make much bigger batches to give to my family and to freeze them for myself too. It’s a great thing to have on hand for a quick meal.

Initially I would just hand chop everything and put it all in the crockpot. If it was something that needed to be blended I’d typically use an immersion blender. Once I got into making larger quantities, that definitely needed to change.

The chopping by hand became so tedious and tiring, and the immersion blender just wasn’t cutting it with blending for larger quantities. It was all taking too long. I went online and did some research and it looked like the solution to both of these problems was to get a food processor. I had no idea. It just never ever crossed my mind.

A friend of mine sent me to the Kitchen Works Inc website, where I found the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor. I read into it a little bit, but I trusted my friend’s judgment. I decided to purchase it. I have absolutely no regrets.

When it arrived I was so excited to get started. Apparently I could chop any veggies that I was adding to my soup in the food processor. What a time saver! On top of that, if I was making a soup that needed to be blended like squash or potato soup or something of that nature, I could do that in the food processor too. This thing was pure magic!

Everything would always come out perfectly. I could grate things, chop things, and purée things. It seemed like the possibilities were endless. All of my soups were the perfect consistency every single time. The only thing that is disappointing is that I didn’t know about this sooner.

I’ve even started making soup in the summertime. I had always been a firm believer that soup should be hot, but after trying some amazing gazpacho, I’ve changed my outlook. I never realized how many awesome chilled soups there are too! It’s really cool.

My friends and family say that I should start a soup place, and now I’m seriously considering it. Besides, who doesn’t love soup? In the meantime, my family, friends and I have a serious soup stash all year round. It’s all thanks to my Cuisinart food processor.

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