Mohit Kamboj Bharatiya

It takes guts to stand up for the truth in a world full of lies because truth is a powerful force. Not only that, but many people give in to pressure from society to conform to what the majority believes since it is easier said than done to stand up for what you believe in. Everyone wants to fit in with society, so rather than staying true to themselves and their convictions, the majority of people choose the path that everyone else is doing.

When I decided to change my name from Mohit Kamboj to Mohit Kamboj Bharatiya, I encountered a lot of hostility. But I was sure of what I wanted to achieve, and I stayed true to my convictions because, deep down, I discovered the truth—a knowledge that irrevocably altered my course. I came to understand my innate desire to support, unify, inspire, and lead my fellow citizens toward a better future. I therefore felt confident in my choice to adopt the name Mohit Kamboj Bharatiya.

The world is full of lies, and it’s easy to stand by and live a life full of lies, surrounded by liars, but what good is that life if it isn’t true? I think we need to step out in order to step up.

Even if others don’t share your perspective on a matter, sticking to the truth helps you obtain respect from others as well as respect from yourself. You get a sense of strength as a result of upholding the principles that characterise your inner self. Trust me, it’s much more practical to disregard the facts and your convictions. However, having the bravery to defend yourself reveals your true character, and this courage is admirable since it demonstrates that you’re a strong, independent person who isn’t a pushover.

Speaking the truth and standing by it can be difficult at first, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from doing so. You’ll have hesitation and uncertainty about everything you do a lot of the time. But the more you do it, the less difficult it is for you to leave your comfort zone and face the harsh realities of our current reality.

I’ve discovered one thing about our society: some individuals can’t abide the idea that you can go against the grain by choosing your own route. When you maintain the status quo, you lose control over your life, become unable to distinguish between the truth and the lies of society, and allow that society to direct your actions. You may express who you are and where you want to go by standing up for your truth and your convictions. The more you do this, the more you learn about both yourself and society.

My recommendation to you would be to tune out the noise and let go of your anxiety of what other people might think of you. Although difficult, it is necessary. Always keep in mind that people will condemn and oppose anything that contradicts their views, so why should you?

Life will present you with numerous opportunities to choose between sticking to the truth and the easy path. Your life and who you are will be defined by the choices you make in these circumstances. Either you’ll look back on your life with pride or you’ll realise that you never really lived it. I want you to think positively about your world and your thoughts. To lift yourself up rather than to undermine anyone else, I urge you to express your opinion.

I know it’s simple to retreat into our familiar routines, but believe me when I say that when we do so, we fail to see the power we possess to improve both our own and others’ lives. Although dealing with the truth can be frightening at times, you are stronger than you realise. In fact, dealing with the reality will only make you stronger.

So go on, be courageous, since we only have one life to live. Live it on your terms, a life that is truly yours, and resist the lies that are pervasive in our culture.

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