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Imagine living in a world where everything is uncomplicated, straightforward, and uncomplicatedly convenient. Imagine a world in which there are no unnecessary elements, but only those that truly matter have survived. A world in which it is possible to experience the authentic flavor of tobacco without being exposed to smoke or ash. Little Solid is an innovative and cost-effective smoking alternative that is based on the Dual Heat technology. For more info about Lil solid visit heated.pro

Straightforward and uncomplicated. Get the most out of what Little Solid has to offer.

1. Modern Technologies And Design

The new smokeless product, Lil SOLID, offers several distinctive features, such as the absence of a burning process, which eliminates the risk of inhaling smoke and ash, and the dual heat uniform heating technology, which enables users to experience the authentic flavor of genuine tobacco. In contrast to cigarettes, Lil SOLID warms the tobacco slowly from the centre out, releasing its flavor and aroma without producing smoke or ash. This process is entirely smoke-free.

There is nothing insignificant or unnecessary about little solid. The device’s ergonomic all-in-one design allows it to fit nicely in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use. Little solid is provided in three colours: black, white, and blue with a noble tone. The body of the gadget may be purchased in variants with a soft touch for the black and blue hues, and in a matte finish for the white colour.

Only specialty tobacco sticks made by Fiit may be used with the tiny solid gadget.

2. Technology For Dual Heating

When using lil solid, there is no burning, the upholstery in their car, or their furniture. Nor is there any risk of burning any of the furniture. The tobacco is heated uniformly by the dual heat technology, which brings out the tobacco’s natural flavor and fragrance. The tobacco is brought to the ideal temperature of 350 degrees celsius using a specialized heating source in the shape of a rod made of metal covered in ceramic. A little bit of modest solid can lead to significant life improvements.

3. Pleasure Should Not Be Difficult

One-click is all that is needed to handle the tiny solid gadget. The indicator’s flashing lights point to the necessity of either charging or cleaning the device, and the user-friendly vibration signal system makes the functionality of the device obvious. Because it weights so little (just 84 grammas), the gadget is convenient and uncomplicated to transport.

Less waiting: you can utilise up to four usage sessions, and the minimum amount of time required between uses is 3.5 minutes. Twenty individual uses can be extracted from a single battery charge. The battery may be completely charged in one hour and twenty minutes.

The amount of time necessary for the apparatus to cool down after four sessions in a row

The manufacturer provides a guarantee that is valid for a full year beginning on the date of purchase for all lil solid products. If the item is damaged in any way or does not operate properly, you must contact customer care, an iqos-branded store, or an authorized rss service facility to get it diagnosed. If the item fails to owe to a defect introduced by the manufacturer, it must be quickly replaced with a brand new one.

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