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What would you say if someone asked you to define an excellent confinement nanny? This is undeniably a subjective question with no definitive response. Everyone seeks something different in a prospective employee. And so do you. Therefore, not everyone will consider a particular confinement nanny suitable for them, even while discussing or assessing the same individual.

Here are the steps you must take before identifying your ideal nanny. Consider your lifestyle and make a list of your preferences in a partner. If having excellent manners and comparable values are essential to you, you may also mention them on the list. Next, figure out your priorities.

Which comes first: your postpartum recovery, the care of your infant, or the state of your home? Organise them and ensure that your confinement nanny will refer to and adhere to them correctly. Then, you will be able to find a confinement nanny who is compatible with your preferred postpartum lifestyle. This is not intended to assist you in eliminating potential nannies but rather to help you determine which things you are or are not prepared to compromise on.

As a roadmap for them to follow, establish and document specific boundaries or clear directions based on everything you have documented. You are not being an overbearing mother since you are merely assisting them in doing their duty in a transparent manner.

What should I anticipate from a confinement nanny?

You must first understand what a confinement nanny will accomplish for you. Her primary responsibilities are caring for the mother and infant. Some confinement nannies are also responsible for some domestic duties. A confinement nanny primarily provides you and your infant with instruction and care. She would make daily confinement meals for you and care for your infant by washing, feeding, changing diapers, and putting them to bed. If you are interested in breastfeeding, your nanny should be able to advise and assist you throughout the process.

Typically, a confinement nanny understands the confinement diet and appropriate food items for new moms. Because your nanny has likely dealt with other new moms and newborns in the past, they will have a wealth of expertise to apply to your situation. If eating is essential to you, you may emphasise this to your confinement nanny.

How can I ensure that I hire the ideal confinement nanny?

In short, you must choose whether your first worry is for yourself or your child. You may locate a confinement nanny with a reputation for excellence in these locations. If you are still hesitant, talk to your spouse. Being the person closest to you, they should be aware of which elements of your life you need assistance with the most and be able to assist you in determining this. You may also refer to confinement nanny recommendations in Singapore shared by mothers similar to yours.

However, you should not rely only on their suggestions because everyone’s tastes vary. Additionally, you might receive recommendations from those who know you well. This guarantees that the nanny they propose meets your requirements!

Finding the ideal confinement nanny is challenging since no one is perfect. However, a competent confinement nanny will make your postpartum experience one that you will want to revisit again and again. In this regard, your confinement nanny IS an ideal match for you.

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