Dog Dos and Don’ts

Looking after a dog means caring for him and making sure that he is loved. But it can be tricky to teach a new dog what is expected of him. If you want to make sure that you and your pet can enjoy a happy life together, there are certain things that you need to know. For starters, you will need to know how to keep him healthy. You also need to know the laws relating to owning a dog. To that end, below are a few dog dos and don’ts that you should be aware of.

Do make sure your dog is microchipped. This is an important part of making sure your dog is looked after properly. A microchip is injected below your pet’s skin, and this chip contains an identification number. If your dog gets lost, the chip can be scanned for the ID number. This can then be checked against a database for information about ownership.

Do consider a step-in harness for dogs when teaching him to walk on a leash. The experts at Voyager Harness say that such a harness helps to distribute pressure evenly across the dog’s shoulders and chest and will be much more comfortable for him than a leash attached to a collar.

Do take your dog for a regular walk. Your dog loves to go for walks. It is likely his favorite time of the day and it provides him with both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Do pick up your dog’s poop. Most dogs will poop when they are out for a walk, and it is your responsibility to pick this up and dispose of it properly. In some states, there are laws that require dog owners to pick up after their pets. But aside from that, it is just good manners to do so.

Do take care of your dog’s health. It is your job to ensure that your pet is healthy and cared for. This means taking him for regular vet checks and ensuring he is given worming and flea medication as necessary. It is advisable to have pet insurance to cover the cost of expensive veterinary bills.

Don’t overfeed your dog. Dogs do not usually stop eating when they are full and may just continue eating whatever has been placed in their bowl. It is therefore particularly important that you only feed your pet according to the recommended guidelines on the food package. Avoid giving him too many high fat treats or sugary human foods like cookies. If your dog puts on too much weight, it could affect his health and he could develop conditions like arthritis and heart disease.

Don’t allow your dog off lead until you are sure he understands the recall command. If he does not consistently come to you when you call, there is a risk that he might suddenly take off at speed after a bird or a cat. This could result in him getting lost or even hit by traffic should he run into a road.

Don’t leave your dog alone with young children. It does not matter how good or sweet natured your dog, you should never, ever leave a dog and a child alone in a room together. Children can pull at dogs in a way they don’t like or corner them by mistake; this could be enough to cause the dog to attack. Remember, even small dogs can and do bite.

The above is just some of the more common dos and don’ts that you should be aware of when raising a dog to live a healthy happy life.

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