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There’s a lot of confusion about air duct cleaning, especially regarding its necessity and effectiveness. Active Air Furnace and Duct Cleaning’s blog does a great job busting some common myths. Let’s clear the air.

Disclosure: Active Air Furnace and Duct Cleaning offer residential, commercial and industrial Furnace and Duct Cleaning throughout Alberta.

Myth 1: Air Duct Cleaning is Unnecessary

Reality: Ducts accumulate dust and debris over time, impacting indoor air quality. Regular cleaning is essential, especially in places with fluctuating weather like Calgary.

Myth 2: Air Duct Cleaning Drastically Improves Air Quality

Truth: Cleaning your ducts can enhance indoor air quality by removing pollutants, but it’s not a cure-all. The extent of improvement varies based on several factors.

Myth 3: All Air Duct Cleaners are the Same

Reality: The quality of service varies. Professionals use advanced equipment like truck-mounted vacuum systems and robots for deep cleaning, ensuring a comprehensive job.

Myth 4: Air Duct Cleaning is a Quick, Easy Job

Reality: It’s a detailed process requiring specialized tools and expertise. Proper duct cleaning is thorough and meticulous.

Myth 5: Furnace Cleaning in Calgary is Only for Older Homes

Reality: All homes need furnace cleaning, irrespective of age. New constructions can have construction debris, while older homes might accumulate more dust.

Myth 6: Duct Cleaning is Just About Dust Removal

Reality: It’s more than dust removal. Cleaners also check for mold, pests, blockages, and offer services like dryer vent cleaning for safety and efficiency.

Myth 7: Once Cleaned, Ducts Don’t Require Maintenance

Reality: Ducts need regular maintenance even after cleaning to prevent significant build-up and maintain system efficiency.

Myth 8: Duct Cleaning Affects the Entire HVAC System

Truth: Proper duct cleaning involves a holistic approach, affecting the entire HVAC system, ensuring peak efficiency.

Understanding these facts about air duct cleaning is vital for Calgary homeowners. It’s not just about dust; it’s about maintaining a healthy, efficient home environment. Choosing a reputable provider like Active Air Furnace and Duct Cleaning ensures you breathe clean air at home.

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