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Popular apps continuously introduce new features to improve user experience and stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of technology. One of the fastest-growing subcategories of digital publishing is audiobooks, which makes it simple to read and listen to best-sellers while traveling. Modern technology has made audiobooks more accessible, contributing to their steady popularity. Many of you may need to be aware of these apps’ hidden gems, even if you all utilize them for their intended purposes. These features range from productivity tips to undiscovered techniques and can greatly enhance your app experience. This post explains the features of popular apps that you didn’t know about:


If you want a popular app for the audio, you can choose Spotify. It is the best music streaming service that gives subscribers access to audiobooks. The best thing about Spotify is that its audiobook collections are available without a paid subscription.


It is one of the most well-liked audiobook apps that is also free to download. Since its establishment in 2005, LibriVox has amassed 8,600 audiobooks, 1,200 recorded in 35 languages besides English.

Google Play Books 

Google Play Books app is another Popular App for audio that can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. The audiobook app has allowed users to consume information through ebooks, textbooks, audiobooks, and comic books.

Kobo books 

The Kobo Books app is a fantastic resource for digital content, and now that audiobooks have been added to the ebookstore, it is the go-to place for both single online ebooks and audiobooks.


You all know how fantastic Amazon is when it offers you great prices and discounts on physical things, as well as an OTT platform where you can view movies and Amazon Music, where you can listen to all the newest tracks.


Audiobooks.com gets off to a strong start with a 30-day free trial that includes three free audiobooks and infinite audio enjoyment. You can also access the VIP library, where you can pick two audiobooks to listen to.


Over a million books are easily available through the subscription service Scribd for eBooks and audiobooks. Android as well as iOS mobile phones can use it.

Hoopla digital

As a digital media service, Hoopla lets you rent audiobooks, movies, eBooks, music, and more. You can then watch these items on your tablet, TV, desktop computer, or mobile device. You can browse and pick from its enormous assortment of thousands of titles.

Serial Box 

This audiobook software provides short stories in several genres, such as fantasy, drama, humour, fiction, and non-fiction. Additionally, you can read or listen to almost all of the titles for free to decide whether you want to buy eBooks or audiobooks before you do.

Loyal books

Loyal Books provides you with more than 7000 audiobooks and eBooks, making it an excellent alternative among the free audiobook apps for Android. Most of the titles on this platform are available in several languages in addition to the large variety of categories.

Summing it up

Those mentioned above are about the features of popular apps that you didn’t know about. These premium and free audiobook applications are the ideal starting point for anyone interested in audiobooks. You can choose one of these applications after trying each one, as most provide a free trial.

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